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Eyelash Extension FAQ

Let's get you informed

How do I prepare for my appointment?

♥ To maximize time with your lash stylist, come to your appointment with clean eyes free of makeup.
♥ Remove all make-up, including foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, eye creams, and eye serums.
♥ Second Cleanse eye area and eyelashes gently but thoroughly to remove any residual oils or mascara.
♥ Shower before your arrival as you cannot get your lashes wet for 24 hours after your appointment.
♥ Do not wear contacts to your appointment. Wear glasses instead.
♥ Do not receive chemical treatments to your eyelashes, such as a lash lift within 3 months of your appointment. The lift will make your natural lash too curly to hold an extension.
♥ Ensure you have fully recovered from recent irritating eye-area treatments, such as skin-resurfacing procedures, chemical peels, laser treatments and permanent makeup application. Recovery time varies with each procedure and individual.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Anywhere between 2-3 weeks. Each day we naturally shed approximately 3 lashes per eye. As those lashes shed, the extension will fall off with it. With 21 extensions falling off per week, you'll want to book a fill around the 2-3 week mark to keep them looking full.

Will they damage my natural lashes?

Having eyelash extensions does not ruin your natural lashes! You may have heard that from someone who has picked out their extensions and therefore pulled out their natural lashes. OR they went to an unexperienced technician and had too heavy/ long extensions for their natural lashes to handle. 
Lash health is my priority and I will never apply extensions that will harm your natural lashes in any way! 


How long will my appointment take?

This will depend on the type of set and how many natural lashes a client has. You can expect a Full Volume Set-1 hr 45 min - 2 hrs 
Full Hybrid Set- 1 hr 45 min

Full Classic Set- 1 hr 30 min 

Can I wear makeup with eyelash extensions?

Mascara and Eyeliner are not recommended as the oils can break down the bonds of the adhesive. If you are wearing eyeshadows or liners, proper cleansing is imperative. Foam Cleanser available for purchase in studio.

How do I take care of my extensions?

♥ Avoid oil based makeup and makeup removers. Oil breaks down the glue that attaches your extension
♥ Clean them with Lash Shampoo everyday (available in studio) 
♥ No tugging, rubbing or pulling
♥ Gently brush them daily with the wand you are given at your appointment

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