Eyelash Extension FAQ

Get Informed girlfriend

What do I need to do before my appointment?

♥ Please arrive with clean, make-up free lashes! We understand if you’re coming straight from work- we have remover if you need or you can add on a Lash Bath to your appointment for squeaky clean lashes!
♥ Remove your contact lenses so laying with your eyes closed will be comfortable
♥ Wear a cozy outfit
♥ If you want to drift off and have a lash nap- no problem! Feel free to bring your headphones and play a podcast or your fave playlist

How long do eyelash extensions last?

A nice full look will last between 2-3 weeks. Extensions will fall as your natural lashes shed. When lashes shed and new growth happens, you’ll be ready for a fill.

Will they damage my natural lashes?

When applied correctly, eyelash extensions do not ruin your natural lashes. Be sure not to pull or pick at your extensions and you will ensure healthy, damage free natural lashes!


How long will my appointment take?

Lash extensions take between 90 - 120 minutes to apply.

Can I shower/ swim after my appointment?

Do not get them wet or exposed to steam for 24 hours so that the glue can cure. I advise doing your workout and showering before your appointment!

How do I take care of my extensions?

♥ Avoid oil based makeup and makeup removers. Oil breaks down the glue that attaches your extension
♥ Keep them clean
♥ No tugging, rubbing or pulling
♥ Gently brush them daily with the wand you are given at your appointment